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What are the initial costs?

The franchise package and licence costs £19,800+VAT. Just like any business, you will also need start-up capital. The capital required depends on several factors including your current financial commitments. Part of our initial discussions include helping you calculate what would be required.

What are the ongoing costs?

The ongoing costs during the term of the franchise agreement are 10% of your monthly sales revenue. 8% is for the franchisor’s ongoing fee and 2% is used for a national marketing fund. As our network is still growing into a UK wide network, we currently use the national marketing fund to aid our franchisees on a more localised level to ensure all of our current network has the advantage of this fund.

What sort of financial projections can I expect?

Just like any business, the more effort you put in, the more you will get out. There are many factors that will affect your sales and your profit margin. We can only advise you and offer you guidance from our own experience. The following data is based on actual figures from two of our current franchisees. They are solely for guidance and may vary according to your area’s characteristics, your individual ability and commitment to your business.


The above table shows the growth in the respective franchisees’ businesses since April 2013. Both franchisees have maintained a positive growth, month-on-month since that date. These customer figures represent the number of customers that have at least four out of five seasonal treatments within the previous twelve months. The average cost per seasonal treatment throughout our entire network is £24.18 and the majority of customers have additional treatments throughout the year.

The turnover for these franchisees in 2014 is as follows:


How long is the franchise agreement for?

Our initial agreement is for five years with the option to renew.

Is a franchised business right for me?

Buying a franchise gives you the opportunity to run your own business, with the support and backup of a knowledgeable and experienced team. The success of each individual franchise is based on the strategies and decisions made by the franchisee. Like any other business, some decisions that need to be made for the sake of the business can be tough. Hiring and firing of personnel for example can prove to be difficult in a small team. As a growing network, and in order to ensure our franchisees see a fruitful return on their investment, we insist on a minimum rate of growth. Like any industry, there is always a degree of competition. We strive to offer the best service and we do not want to see our franchisees’ growth stagnate or to see negative growth. We incentivise our franchisees by lowering their monthly ongoing costs if they exceed their annual targets.

What territories are available?

We have territories available throughout the UK, and we will discuss which territories are most suitable depending on where you currently live.

Do you have any established franchises for sale?

We have several territories available ranging from just 50 customers to 800 customers. Please take a look at our resale page for more information.

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