Tom Thumb Lawn Care Why We're Different

We’ve been in the lawn care industry for well over a decade and have researched the reasons behind franchise failures within other networks.

Most other franchised networks expect a lot from a new franchisee. New franchisees are not just expected to learn all aspects of lawn care, but also how to manage and market a business, maintain business accounts and carry out credit control tasks (the long way!), master effective and efficient scheduling, learn and develop customer service skills, juggle daily tasks while maintaining communication with customers throughout the working day, and much, much more. All this in just two weeks!

But we’re changing the way lawn care is offered in the UK. We want our franchisees to concentrate on growing their business, servicing their customers and maintaining a high standard of customer service.

We want to take away the hassle of having to run an office while trying to maintain lawns. We don’t want you answering customer queries while treating lawns. We want our franchisees to use their time developing their lawn care skills while offering an industry leading service to our customers. So, using the latest technology, we have developed a package that allows just that. Our in-house business management software (or TOMS), will help you manage your business effectively. Our franchisee support team are there to ensure that every phone call is answered and any queries are dealt with straight away. Why should your customers have to talk to an answer machine just because your business is still in its infancy?


Our van based management system allows you to control any aspect of your business from anywhere. Using TOMS, you’ll be able to schedule treatments at your customers’ door, process your accounts, deal with any customer related issues and much more! Your real-time dashboard will keep you updated as to the health of your business and you’ll know exactly how much money you’re making minute-by-minute!

TOMS responsive design elements allow you to keep updated on any device, from your TV to your mobile phone so whether you’re sitting on a beach in Barbados or skiing down a mountain in Switzerland, you can keep up-to-date in an instant.

As your business grows, you’ll be visiting more and more properties per day, so reducing the amount of time spent travelling between properties becomes more of a priority. Alongside a team of mathematicians from MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), we have built a complex algorithm and implemented it into an automated scheduling optimisation system that will help maintain the most efficient schedule possible.

With so many differences, we could go on and on, but we’d rather show you what we can offer. Why not come in and meet the team? We love our tea (and of course our coffee) and we love a good chat!

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