Above anything else, we’re a team and we want you to be just as successful as we are. We’ve structured our initial training together with our ongoing guidance in a way that gives you the highest quality support possible.

Our Head Office franchisee support team is there to guide you every step of the way, whether it be talking to your customers or advising you on your marketing campaigns. We’ve structured everything to give you the time to grow and enjoy the fruits of your labour.

business and accounts support

Business and accounts

We are here to help and advise you on your business strategies so our experience will be your advantage. We offer guidance on all aspects of accounts and business management. The key to offering a great service while maintaining a steady growth is having solid business strategies and up to date accounting information to hand.

Our bespoke scheduling, accounting and stock control software will allow you to run your business as smoothly as possible. Our business model allows for effective and reliable cash-flow forecasting, so combined with our in-house software, budgeting and growth can be monitored on a day-to-day basis allowing you to concentrate on growing your business and servicing your customers to the highest possible standard.


Applying the correct products in the correct way to resolve a lawn problem is crucial to a successful service, and a healthy profit margin. Our initial training package, along with our ongoing advice, will give you all the knowledge required to offer an unrivalled service with the results to match. You will also feel confident that we are always on hand to help diagnose and resolve some of those rare problems.

We are constantly researching new products and techniques which will not just improve our service to our customers, but will provide our franchisees with healthier profit margins.

tom thumb technical advice


Our experience in efficient, cost-effective yet successful marketing campaigns will help drive your business forward. We are here to help franchisees develop their businesses by giving them the highest quality of support and guidance, ensuring them a fruitful return on their investment.

As our network is in its infancy, your 2% contribution to our national marketing fund will be used on a more local level and within our franchisees’ territories.

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